Upcyling At Its Finest.

Old wooden beams from alpine cabins are the main material in our lamps - now translated into radiant bodies of light.

Handcrafted with Love.

Each product is unique. Traditional and precise handcraft brings the exceptional character of our lights to shine extra bright.

Beauty of Nature.

While it’s not exactly possible to take the Alpine landscape home with us, there is a way to capture its unique light.

History and Design.

Old spruce beams from local alpine cabins are transformed into a brilliant work of luminous lighting. Each lamp comes with a label that tells the exact story of its origin.

Unique Light.

The wood glows in distinctive red light when the lamp is switched on. No coloured bulbs are used, but the specially cutted wood is transparent to red, long-wave light. Therefore the design pieces are radiating with a genial spirit.

Click on the image to turn off the light!

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ALMLEUCHTEN are designed, produced and copyrighted by
Felix Fehr and Harald Hofer, Innsbruck, Austria

email info@almleuchten.com